Love Smart: Find the One You Want--Fix the One You Got

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Author: Dr. Phil McGraw


Language: English

Print Length: 304 Pages

Publisher: Free Press

Publication Date: December 6, 2005

Dimensions: 6.8 x 1.5 x 9.8 inches


If you're single in a double bed, walking and asking "how do I find that guy?", on date 20 and he's still uncommitted, or if all your friends are remarrying and you're still looking for a first date - Love Smart: Find the One You Want - Fix the One You Got by Dr. Phil has the answers. He encourages you to stop making excuses and start taking action. He'll teach you how to present your best self, decode male behavior, make the right moves, and get out of a relationship rut. There are no exceptions - Dr. Phil says there's someone for everyone, and everyone deserves a love-filled relationship. This book teaches you the plan to find your committed, joyous connection.


ISBN-10 743272099

ISBN-13 978-0743272094